About Mary


I go by many titles. Two of my favorites? “Bonus Mom” and “Mother to an Angel”. I have two beautiful “bonus” children and one beautiful angel baby boy. I always thought the one thing I would be good at in life was being a mother. Well… God had a way different idea of what “mother” would mean for me than I could imagine. So when I write “balancingbonusmom” I’m really balancing a whole ‘genre’ of mom that three years ago I knew nothing about! My goal is to still be a really great mom in whatever form that has to be. But sometimes my daily question sounds something like: Is it too early for wine? or Is it too late for coffee?

In case you were wanting to know more!

My husband and I have been together since 2014 and in 2016 we got married and I officially gained the title of “bonus mom”! We also gave birth to our first child together in 2016 making us a whole new kind of parent. Read about that here.

My first bonus baby I refer to on my blog as “Doodle” or ” Doodle Bug”. Her Dad gave her this nickname when she was a baby and it has stuck every since. She will be 7 soon and we are currently weaving our way through the 1st grade with her! Homework, Lip Gloss, and the right shoes are a daily topic in our household.

My second bonus baby I talk about is my son who I refer to as “Bub”. He will be 4 soon and he is the sweetest kid I know. Every morning I ask if he had sweet dreams to which he replies, every morning, “mhm!” and when I ask what he dreamed about it is always the same: Dinosaurs. He is just that simple, give him corn dogs and dinosaurs and he is a happy boy.

My third baby and angel baby is my Adam. I am learning how to be a different kind of mother to him or for him or in memory of him. I’m not sure which one yet. He was my sneak peek of Heaven and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or wish he was in my arms. He opened my heart to a kind of love I didn’t know existed and I miss him with every breath that I take.

A few of my favorite pass times (that I don’t do near enough) are star-gazing, reading and watching a good movie cuddled on the couch with my family.

You can E-mail me at: balancingbonusmom@gmail.com


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