The Battle of Grief

You’re feeling happy today?

“Well, let me fix that”, my mind must say.

“Bring it to her attention,

the anger-Don’t forget to mention

The Sleight of the world, at whole.

Hah! How could her mind have been so bold?”


“Try to fight it!” her heart tells her

“Don’t let the day get caught in the burr

of heartache – so easy to feel.”

Some days she asks herself, “is this real?”


“But not today!” she says silently,

The sun shines down bright and violently.

The war can subside – at least for now

She sits, watching the passerby’s and clouds

wondering if this feeling can stay

while knowing she can barely keep it at bay.


The knowledge of that seems so much to bare

Soon the things she sits and stares at disappear

She is wracked by the impending sadness

The happiness she felt soon leaves- as if weightless.


Her mind smiles at it’s own success

as she stoops deeper into her depress.

Life will not be the same, she accepts

The happy feeling now at the ocean depths.


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